Green Teams

Green Teams

One of our most successful engagement programs is our Green Teams which are volunteer groups of employees focused on reducing Ingersoll Rand’s environmental footprint and improving overall operations. Since being formalized in 2011, teams focus on awareness and education, as well as overall operations, and have long partnered with the community in efforts such as Habitat builds and park clean ups. Sites with Green Teams scored higher in the 2012 census survey than sites without Green Teams. The results of another recent engagement survey showed that employees who volunteer on Green Teams were less likely to look for a job elsewhere and more likely to refer a friend to Ingersoll Rand for employment. In 2013 this data was published in Andy Savitz’ book “Talent, Transformation, and the Triple Bottom Line.”

Green Team Major Milestones

The annual savings associated with Green Team projects in 2012 exceeded $770,000.

2,470,000 lbs. reduced waste to landfill

5,650 metric tons CO2 emissions reduced

37 billion BTUs energy conserved

450+ sustainability projects initiated by employee volunteers. Nearly 7,000 employees actively engaged in a 2012 Green Team activity or event

In 2012, we evolved our Green Team program focus from creating additional teams to the effectiveness of existing teams. We created a certification program to enhance and measure the strength of our green teams. The new certification program is part of a framework that supplies resources, processes and recognition to these employee-driven teams, formally acknowledging their work on projects at Company sites and in their local communities. Teams may earn five levels of certification which follow a prescribed maturity path. Going forward, our goals are to have registered Green Teams in 100 percent of manufacturing locations and to have 17 percent of total employees involved in Green Team activities.

Green Team Growth

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