Is Technical Sales Right For You?

As talented engineers who enjoy selling, sales engineers are a rare breed. But with technology advancing at such a rapid pace, it's often imperative that the sales professionals behind the products are also accomplished engineers. For those with both skill sets, the rewards can be great.

Trane® relies on a sales staff with technical expertise and applications knowledge, in order to provide our commercial and industrial customers with the best HVAC products and systems. As a Trane sales engineer, you will apply your engineering knowledge to the sale of technical products, fully utilizing your engineering expertise while interacting with people having similar backgrounds -- mechanical contractors, consulting engineers, building owners/developers, industrialists and architects. You'll collaborate with talented professionals to ensure that the HVAC solutions we provide are precisely suited to each of our customers' unique requirements.

As one of our Trane sales engineers recently explained, "Being a sales engineer breaks the mold as far as what people think a typical engineering job is. For someone like me, who enjoys engineering but doesn't want to sit behind a desk eight hours a day, this job is perfect."

Technical Sales Internship Opportunities
If you've thought about sales engineering as a full-time career path post-graduation, the Trane Internship Program may be for you. As a sales intern, you'll have the opportunity to job-shadow some of the industry's best salespeople, and gain hands-on experience with our building solutions from start to finish. You'll do everything from take-offs to customer visits and presentations, which will give you a sense of ownership in the solution and a better understanding of the process. This 12-week, paid internship is a unique and valuable opportunity for you to gain insight into one of the most challenging and dynamic career opportunities available for engineering grads today.

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