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Trane Employees Participate in the Warrior Dash

Our Health Progress leaders decided to challenge our Trane employees to be more physically active. Signups for the Warrior Dash were encouraged and soon Team Meatballs was formed.

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November 02, 2016

Manufacturing Plant: Pueblo, CO

Our Pueblo facility is a Non Union facility that was established in 1987 and is currently home to over 400 employees. ...  
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October 18, 2016

Preparing for a Phone Interview

After you’ve been contacted by a recruiter, the first step of most interview processes will be a phone interview. We understand phone interv ...  
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August 23, 2016

Manufacturing Plant: Clarksville, Tennessee

Situated in a prime location, the Clarksville plant is nestled in the beautiful Tennessee countryside, 45 miles Northwest of Nashville. This ...  
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August 19, 2016

Trane Interns Win Big

Trane Graduate Training Program (GTP) Interns were tasked with a project. They were asked to develop a sales strategy that would increase li ...  
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July 25, 2016

Southern Pines, NC Ingersoll Rand: Industrial Segment, Power Tools

Southern Pines is located in the South Eastern part of North Carolina, not far from the states capital, Raleigh, in the middle of 40 world c ...  
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Ingersoll Rand inverted Curve