July 10, 2019

Ingersoll Rand Compressors Saved My Mom’s Life

When Emily Burke’s stepdad called to say her mom might not make it through the weekend, Emily went straight to the hospital. Her mom, who suffers from pulmonary hypertension, was “pretty out of shape but stable,” with the help of life-supporting oxygen machines that removed high levels of carbon dioxide from her body.

Ingersoll Rand compressors played a vital role in this real-life drama. As a mechanical engineer for Ingersoll Rand, Emily played a crucial role, too. Keep reading to find out how, in Emily’s own words.

“At Ingersoll Rand we talk a lot about the importance of purpose and our work. Many people may not find their purpose until later in life, but determining what drives you to come to work every day is important.

This concept really hit home when my stepdad called to say he didn’t think my mom would make it through the weekend, and that I needed to come home right away.

My mom has pulmonary hypertension, which means that her heart doesn’t get enough oxygen. She had an episode that left her body with three times more carbon dioxide than normal, and she wasn’t waking up.

When I arrived at the hospital, my mom was still pretty out of shape but stable with the help of life-supporting oxygen machines. To my surprise, the machine’s oxygen tanks were branded with the familiar name of one of our customers.

I had a reassuring feeling. When people are sick, I often feel helpless, but through my previous role as a multi-stage geared (MSG) compressor engineer that had me designing and improving Ingersoll Rand’s huge MSG compressors, I was able to contribute – in my own engineering kind of way. 

Our MSG compressors are used for multiple applications. One is putting large amounts of atmospheric air into a compressed state that allows chemical plants to separate out the oxygen and nitrogen. One of these chemical plants provided the oxygen that brought my mom back to consciousness and saved her life. This would not have been possible without our compressors and the work that our engineers do – the work that I helped do!

As a mechanical engineer with Ingersoll Rand, I was able to work on machinery that saved my mom’s life. That is something I’m very proud of. I’ve also been able to help provide people with comfortable solutions through residential HVAC, and compressed air that sustains tooling.

As an Ingersoll Rand employee, I have the ability to significantly impact global sustainability initiatives and the ability to lead the way for diversity and inclusion in the workplace in my industry! There are many exciting things happening in our field, and it is great to be a part of it.”


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