January 18, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Alexa Spears

Alexa Spears

Meet Alexa and learn why she decided to launch her engineering career in Ingersoll Rand’s Accelerated Development Program (ADP).

Hi everyone! I am Alexa Spears, an engineering ADP in the 2018 cohort. I grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio. People always ask me if there are a lot of corn fields there and the answer is yes, my neighborhood is surrounded on all sides.

Growing up, I always had a passion for math and loved taking things apart (and sometimes getting them back together). When the time came to choose a major in college engineering didn‘t seem as obvious as it is now. I started college undecided and spent my first semester in calculus, physics, and various other electives. I found myself very excited about the former two but was more interested in the applications than in the strictly theoretical work. My calculus professor suggested I look into engineering. Truthfully, I did not really understand what engineering was at this point in my life, so I had never considered it.

After some research, I found that engineering sounded like everything I loved about school.

While at UNC Charlotte, I was selected by university faculty to be a member of The Engineering Leadership Academy, a group of 22 students from the College of Engineering that went on bi-yearly retreats to develop our leadership skills. I learned many valuable lessons from this program, and it also led me to Ingersoll Rand.

Katie Davis, VP of Engineering Excellence at Ingersoll Rand, supported us during one of these retreats. She spoke about her experiences with the company. I was drawn in immediately. In addition to telling us what Ingersoll Rand does, she told us about the company’s commitment to sustainability, gender equality, and community outreach. From our discussions during that retreat, I found myself very interested in the company, and we arranged to meet on the Davidson, North Carolina campus the following week. I left that visit knowing that Ingersoll Rand was a perfect fit for me.

My career began in Davidson with the Compression Technologies business as a software engineering intern. During this experience, I learned about a field almost entirely unrelated to my degree. At school, I learned to program by taking on the programming during our mechanical engineering group projects. I never would have imagined that this would lead me to my future company. It was far out of my comfort zone, and I learned so much! In the final month of my internship, I was offered a position in the Accelerated Development Program, and the rest is history.

I have now started my first rotation with Ingersoll Rand’s Power Tools business in Annandale, New Jersey. I work as a product engineer supporting vehicle repair. My day-to-day work includes communicating with my manager and a global manufacturing team. I am also a part of a strategy team focusing on cordless tools. This has been an exciting opportunity to see the “bigger picture” firsthand and expand my knowledge outside of engineering. I love my position here!

Alexa’s Fun Facts:

1.    I started cheerleading at the age of 14 and went on to cheer at the collegiate level during my time at DePaul University.

2.    I play the piano.

3.    I have two cats named Ivy and Felix.

4.    I’m in the video game Injustice 2 as the character Enchantress.

5.    My grandparents were from France and came here on a boat 60 years ago.


Are you interested in learning more about Early Career Opportunities with Ingersoll Rand? Learn more here: http://bit.ly/2wkTOdd

What is ADP?

As an Engineering ADP participant, Alexa will complete two 12-month assignments, with the opportunity for an additional 6-month cross-functional assignment at a business unit or manufacturing facility. Her rotational experiences in the program are designed to develop a sound engineering foundation with skills in key areas including: New product development , value analysis/value engineering , Six Sigma, Product, component and reliability testing.

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