October 18, 2016

Preparing For A Phone Interview

After you’ve been contacted by a recruiter, the first step of most interview processes will be a phone interview. We understand phone interviews can be sometimes different and hard to prepare for since you might feed off the face-to-face interactions with a person in the later stages. Here are some tips to consider when getting ready for a phone interview:

1.       Be prepared before the call. The recruiter or manager will likely have a scheduled time to call you, so be sure you have all needed materials in front of you to avoid shuffling during the first few minutes of the call.

2.       Make sure you are in a quiet location. As best you can, arrange for the call to take place in a location where you are able to understand the interviewer and they can understand you. Avoid loud places like coffee shops, public spaces, the shop floor, etc. The call needs to focus on you and not the distractions around you.

3.       Be ready to tell your story. Phone interviews are often used to assess how a person communicates and to learn more about a person’s professional experience. Practive before. In the mirror, with a friend, spous or any one that will listen. Ask them for feedback and practice it again.

4.       Anticipate that you’ll get questions about each place of employment like:

a.       What technical skills did you need to perform there?

b.      How were you measured, or what were your KPIs?

c.       What projects did you work on?

d.      (If there were any gaps) What caused any gaps in employment?

5.       Don’t let the phone hide your personality. This is still an opportunity to make an impression and be memorable (in a good way, of course). Match the tone and personality of the interviewer and try to stay engaged during the whole call.

6.       Ask questions. Come prepared with questions you want to ask, but also don’t wait until the end. Be sure to ask questions throughout the call about key points and objectives. You might not get all the information, but you can gain a better picture of the role and what success looks like.


Good luck!


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