August 31, 2017

Work Life Balance at Ingersoll Rand

Work-life balance is so important and at Ingersoll Rand, it is a priority for our employees. See how our Human Resources team feel about their work-life balance and why it is so important to them. 


Nicole Belecto, Talent Acquisition Partner

As a mom of young children, a good work-life balance is crucial to my success at work, but also at home. I can take my kids to the doctor, bring cupcakes up to school or leave a little early to take them to the park on a beautiful day, all knowing that I can make up the time because I have flexibility in my schedule. I know some moms who feel guilty having to work full-time and feel like they are missing out on their children’s lives. With Ingersoll Rand, I never feel that way. I can be a successful professional and great mom all in the same day.  


Tim Myers, Talent Acquisition Partner

Work-life balance to me means being able to take care of my mind and body while still achieving my professional goals. I have two different workspaces/desks setup at my place for when I need to switch up my views. It is a must during my day to get out around lunch for a workout/dog play. A run with the dog is the ideal scenario, kills two birds with one stone. Stepping out for that time refocuses me, and sometimes I even think of work issues with a different pair of glasses on while relieving stress. The best part is Ingersoll Rand supports and encourages me to focus on myself personally and professionally.  



Donna Saumsiegle, Talent Acquisition Candidate Experience Specialist

I feel so fortunate to enjoy the flexibility of working virtually. It all began when a family member became gravely ill and I was allowed to work from home to care for them. During this time period, I was able to accomplish my daily work without the stress of commuting, following a rigid schedule or going on Family Leave. This accommodation allowed me to continue all of my Ingersoll Rand benefits without any interruptions or changes to payments.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to work for a progressive company. Ingersoll Rand is a global corporation that really cares about its employees.



John Collins, Talent Acquisition Partner

The ability to have connection to our virtual workspace anywhere is a tremendous advantage. We have laptops, smartphones, Wi-Fi, cloud based projects and so on. However, it can quickly become a distraction from some of the things that are truly important in life, health, friends, family etc. With this in mind, I strive for work-life balance by always remaining accessible but establishing core working hours and a short evening check in. This approach works well for me, allowing for healthy disengagement with assurances. 


Eric Mesenburg, Talent Acquisition Manager

Work-life balance at Ingersoll Rand is what sets Ingersoll Rand apart as a progressive and innovative company. Having the ability, when needed, to take care of any personal needs that may come up makes me work that much harder for the organization and work earlier or later to ensure the work is getting done.


Michelle Antonini, Talent Acquisition Partner

Being a parent of a young child, work-life balance is of the utmost importance to me. I have the flexibility to be involved with her school, attend special events, activities etc. Working remotely in my position is icing on the cake. Being able to work from wherever, whenever provides a ton of flexibility and convenience. For example, up until recently I did not live close to my family. There were times that I wanted to take longer than a weekend to visit, and being able to work remotely allowed me that opportunity.

In addition, not having a daily commute allows me to be home when my daughter arrives home and to spend quality family time during those early evening hours. When my child is ill, knowing that I can keep her home with me relieves stress that parents feel in those unfortunate circumstances. Working for a company who supports work-life balance is comforting, and a trait I truly appreciate and do not take for granted.

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