Job Applicant FAQ

How do I search for positions?

On the Careers site homepage, scroll down to Search Jobs. Select your search criteria (location, job field, job type, work schedule, etc.) and you will be presented with opportunities that match your criteria. To view a position’s description, click on the position’s title in the search results. Note: If nothing is returned when you perform a search, no current vacancies exist in your preferred geographic location and/or within your selected search criteria.

How do I apply for a position?

First, review the job description you are interested in applying and confirm you meet all the requirements for the position. Then, click the Apply Online button, create a profile and complete the application form, or log in to an existing profile account and update your information. Complete the required steps to submit your application.

What if I forgot my user name/password?

If you cannot remember your user name/passcode, go to the profile Sign In. Review and accept the Privacy Agreement. Select the Forgot your user name? or Forgot your password? link as needed and follow the instructions provided. Once you receive a temporary passcode, it is recommended that you manually enter that information into the passcode field instead of copying and pasting the information in order to prevent any extra spaces from being included. Additionally, when prompted on the screen to enter your “Old Passcode”, ensure you are reentering the temporary passcode into that field.

Can I submit my resume via email or in-person?

Positions that are posted on the Ingersoll Rand Careers site go through our electronic recruiting process. Resumes are only accepted for these positions via our Careers site by clicking the Apply/Apply Online, creating a profile or logging into an existing profile account, then completing the application.

How can I get an update on the status of my application?

Your application status is viewable by logging into your profile and viewing My Submissions. Sign in to the Ingersoll Rand Careers site, select the My Jobpage tab then select My Submissions.

How do I view a list of applications I submitted?

Similar to viewing your application status, you can see jobs you have submitted an application, job postings you saved to view later and jobs searches you have saved to help you look for available openings on our Careers site. After you have logged in, you can access the My Jobpage tab to view your past submissions (Draft, Completed or Withdrawn). You may choose to complete a draft and submit or withdraw a previously submitted application.

My computer froze, what do I do to complete my application?

This may be the result of too many programs running at the same time. We recommend you close all of your Internet web browser windows and any other applications you may have open and restart your computer.

Can I submit my resume and credentials without applying to a position?

You are not required to apply for a specific position. If you don't find an opportunity in which you are interested, you can submit your profile only by logging in and Access My Profile. Follow the instructions to create/update your profile. If you choose to an open position apply later, your profile information will be saved.

Will I be considered for other positions when applying for a specific position?

Yes, if you create a profile both your candidate profile and resume will be stored in our database and will be available to Human Resources to be considered for alternative vacancies if desired. In Europe, external candidates’ /applicants’ personal data will be deleted after six (6) months of user inactivity at the Ingersoll Rand job portal. External applicants have the right to request the deletion of their personal data earlier than the period set in the preceding sentence. European job seekers can learn more by viewing the “General Data Protection Regulation” (translations available). Candidates applying for jobs in the European Economic Area are informed that Ingersoll Rand Plc. processes their personal data on behalf of the European Ingersoll Rand Company that has the vacancy. For the online application process Ingersoll Rand Plc. uses the services of an external recruitment service provider in the United States which stores and processes the data on its behalf.  This service provider is Privacy Shield certified.

How often can/should I update my profile?

Once you have established a profile on our site, you are able to access your profile at any time. If there is a change in your skills or employment history, you can log in and click on the Access My Profile link to make updates.

What happens to my resume after it’s submitted?

Once submitted, your resume enters our candidate tracking system. This tool provides us with a centralized talent pool and serves as the first stop for Human Resources, who are trying to identify candidates for specific job openings.

Will I hear back from Human Resources when I submit my resume via the Ingersoll Rand Careers site?

If you meet all qualifications for the role and are considered to be one of the strongest candidates, Human Resources will contact you to coordinate the next steps in the selection process. Due to the volume of resumes received, Human Resources is not able to respond to all who apply. You can track your application status by logging in and accessing the My Jobpage tab to view your past submissions.

Can I apply for jobs directly from social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)?

Yes, when you click on the link to the job, it will direct you to the roles on our Careers website where you can apply to the specific job in which you are interested.

I’m unable to upload my resume to the Ingersoll Rand Careers site, what is wrong?

The Ingersoll Rand Careers site cannot upload files that exceed the allocated limit of 1,024 kilobytes. In addition, the search tool that Human Resources leverages to search available candidate resumes and profiles will not be able to analyze the content of some attached files such as image files (.jpeg, .png, etc.) and compressed files (.zip). Be sure to check the file size and formatting you are attempting to upload and adjust accordingly.

What web browsers are compatible with Ingersoll Rand’s Careers site?

For best results, use one of the following web browsers when accessing our Careers site; Internet Explorer 8; Firefox (v7); Safari (v5.1); Google Chrome (v15).

I’m still experiencing issues applying through Ingersoll Rand’s Careers site, how do I report my issue and get help?

If the above Frequently Asked Questions are unable to resolve your issue, you can report your issue on our Careers site. Send us a message using the below form. Please provide exact details on the issue(s) you are experiencing. This will help us determine the best plan to assist you.

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