We heat, cool and automate homes and buildings; enhance commercial and industrial productivity; keep transported food and perishables safe and fresh; and deliver fun, efficient and reliable transportation solutions. Diversity, engagement and teamwork drive innovation and fuel our passion for exceeding customer expectations. Together with principled leadership and ethical business practices, our high-engagement culture delivers enduring results that lead to a sustainable world.

Advancing the Quality of Life

At Ingersoll Rand, we're committed to meeting the world's growing critical need for clean and comfortable air, safe and fresh food, energy efficiency and sustainable business practices.

We're passionate about building a better future - a world of sustainable progress and enduring results. To deliver on the needs of our customers and the communities where we operate, and to achieve premier performance, we will:

Build a Winning Culture
Build a winning culture by living our values, creating a progressive, diverse and inclusive environment, enabling innovation and creativity, and the development of customer solutions that engage all employees in Ingersoll Rand’s mission. 

Grow Strategically
Grow strategically through technology and innovation, sales excellence and product management by delivering sustainable solutions and services addressing unmet needs for comfort and efficiency across the globe. 

Deploy Operational Excellence
Deploy operational excellence to add value as defined by our customers through a relentless emphasis on continuous improvement. 

Who We Are

Our success is enabled by the commitment and dedication of our employees globally.

How We Work

Our growth strategy comprises three areas: innovation, emerging markets and services.
Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We ensure we operate within applicable legal statutes and New York Stock Exchange.
2018 Leaders


For more than 100 years people around the world have looked upon Ingersoll Rand as a company committed to integrity, our customers and our world.

Company History

With a history dating back to 1871, Ingersoll Rand and its family of brands represents a proven history in residential, industrial and commercial markets.

Doing Business With Us

We operate through a variety of different methods depending on the country and the service/product.

Company Facts

Stock Symbol

Ingersoll Rand is listed as "IR" on the New York Stock Exchange since 1906


Ingersoll Rand provides its products and services directly or through distributors to customers around the globe.


As of September 2019, Ingersoll Rand conducts manufacturing and assembly operations in 60 plants and 10 distribution centers world-wide. Ingersoll Rand also maintains offices, warehouses and repair centers throughout the world.

North America Headquarters and Corporate Center

Davidson, North Carolina

Place of Incorporation


Date of Formation

The Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company and the Rand Drill Company merged in 1905 to form Ingersoll Rand.

Key Financials

  • Revenue by Segment

    Industrial: 21%, Climate: 79%
  • Revenue by Geography

    North America: 68%, Europe and Middle East: 15%, Asia Pacific: 13%, Latin America: 4%
  • Adjusted Earnings Per Share

    2014: $3.33, 2015: $3.73, 2016: $4.13, 2017: $4.51, 2018: $5.61
  • Organic Bookings

    Organic Bookings
  • Adjusted Operating Margins

    2014: 11%, 2015: 11.4%, 2016: 12.1%, 2017: 12.2%, 2018: 12.8%

*These are non-GAAP financial measures. Reconciliation of non-GAAP financial measures can be found preceding the 2019 Notice and Proxy Statement.