July 1, 2010

Trane India Secures its First Comprehensive Solutions Order from The Claridges Hotel in New Delhi

Building on a long history of using the latest infrastructure systems, the management of one of Delhi’s oldest hotels, The Claridges, New Delhi, recently awarded Trane India’s Comprehensive Solutions (CS) team an order to complete energy-efficient upgrades that are expected to decrease the hotel’s average monthly utility costs by up to 15 percent. The hotel, declared India’s leading luxury hotel at the 2009 World Travel Awards, will make the improvements as part of an extensive, energy-efficiency audit and conservation and sustainability program.

The 137-room hotel, which dates back to the 1950s, needed renovations to replace aging equipment and to maintain consistent temperature and humidity. In addition, the hotel owners wanted to ensure sufficient cooling capacity to support planned renovation of guest rooms to host tourists expected for the October 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

After a thorough building assessment, the hotel management selected comfort systems from Trane that make the building more energy efficient. 

A secondary pumping system was added to modulate water flow-in, air-handling units, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption and costs. In addition, improvements included upgrading air-handling unit valves from three-way to two-way state-of-the-art, pressure-independent valves to achieve accurate modulation.

Trane is dedicated to collaborating with The Claridges, New Delhi to ensure that all aspects of the system’s economic life, from installation through repair, improve efficiency, increase building comfort and reduce energy costs,” said Rajesh Sikka, district leader for Trane India.



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