September 20, 2010

Thermo King Leads the Way With CryoTech

PARIS -- Responding to the ever-increasing demand for environmentally friendly, refrigerated transport solutions, Thermo King has been collaborating with Paris Froid (“Cold”) Service (Thermo King dealer in Paris), the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, Yara (a carbon dioxide supplier) and Transports Gringore (a transport company) to establish Thermo King’s CryoTech refrigerated transport unit as the benchmark in the industry.

Refrigeration units that run on a cryogenic system use liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) as a substitute for diesel fuel.

To assess the energy efficiency, reduction in polluting emissions and overall noise performance of the CyroTech unit as compared to traditional units, the group equipped two, large transport trucks with CryoTech units and two additional transport trucks with traditional TS-500 units. The two sets of trucks have been operating in and around the Paris area, distributing frozen foods to customers. The total trial period is 18 months, but after conducting an initial evaluation of the trial last June, the team agreed that the traditional diesel TS-500 unit and the CryoTech units performed exceedingly well.

At a recent customer event, attended by approximately 80 customers, including Julien Gringore, president, Transports Gringore, the group highlighted these performance results:

- During the high ambient season and with multiple door-openings during the frozen food delivery process, CryoTech units kept the temperature under perfect control.

- Transport truck drivers reported that the units were very easy to use.

- The units required little or no maintenance.

This project is important because many larger cities, including Paris, are imposing sound level standards (below 60 decibels) and restricted access areas for night transport operations—and at this time, Thermo King’s CryoTech unit is the only unit that meets these standards.



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