May 19, 2010

Industrial Technologies' Denver Site Reaches Five-Year Incident-Free Mark

DENVER, CO (INGERSOLL RAND NEWS SERVICE) -- The Industrial Technologies Customer Center in Denver, CO, has now gone five years without a recordable incident. The center services air compressors for a variety of customers in Colorado, from snowmaking equipment at ski resorts to small cabinet shops.

Regularly exposed to risks that include driving to jobsites in wintry weather, slips-trips-falls, ergonomics, electricity and air pressure, the center’s service technicians relied on their “SLAM Tool” to avoid injuries. SLAM – Stop, Look, Assess, Manage – reminds employees to assess and reduce risks before they start a job. If the risks can’t be mitigated, the technicians contact Chris Gomez, Denver Customer Center services manager, for guidance. Gomez will travel to the jobsite to assist the technicians in looking for solutions to decrease or eliminate potential situations that could cause an injury. If necessary, Gomez will contact clients to inform them of steps needed to help his crew safely perform their jobs.

Reinforcing the “SLAM Tool” is the center’s motto: “Think Safety… Your Family Depends on it.” That’s a message that resonates at the customer center since every technician is committed to safely performing the job and going home safe and sound.



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