October 5, 2010

Climate Solutions and Industrial Technology Solutions at India’s Energy Efficiency Summit 2010

CHENNAI, India -- The Energy Efficiency Council of the Confederation of Indian Industry held its flagship event, the Energy Efficiency Summit 2010, an international conference and exposition on energy efficiency September 1-4 at the Chennai Trade Centre.

Presentations ranged from the latest trends in green building materials and energy modeling analysis (calculating a building’s thermal performance) to the future of the green building movement in India. As a major supporter of energy-efficiency initiatives, Trane was invited to deliver a presentation on the topic of U.S. and Indian “Environmental Regulation and Guidelines” and how these regulations affect the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry.

N Sriram, regional sales manager for Trane in Chennai, gave the presentation to more than 150 attendees representing industrial, lodging, life sciences, architects, building developers and related businesses. Sriram talked about integrated part load value (IPLV) which predicts chiller efficiency at the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute’s (ARI) standard rating point and the regulations governing efficiency ratings. Sriram’s message that IPLV should be used only for single chiller applications was well received, as was his suggestion that energy modeling should be performed on all facilities that require a chiller plant. The issue here is that the industry has been led to extend the IPLV rating system to cover chiller installations that comprise multiple units, for which it was not designed. Applying the rating system in this fashion results in very misleading comparisons of efficiency between the competing chiller manufacturers. ARI has in fact acknowledged this issue. The speaker recommended that a suitable modeling and evaluation tool such as Trane’s Trace 700 be utilized.

Attendees at Sriram’s presentation were delighted to receive a copy of the article entitled “A Closer look at Chiller Ratings” which was first published in December 2009 in the respected ASHRAE Journal; a publication of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. This much-quoted article, co-authored by Trane’s Ryan Geister, global portfolio leader, Centrifugal Chillers and Mike Thompson, marketing manager, Environmental Affairs, went into greater depth on the issues of chiller ratings and the use of IPLV and non-standard part load value (NPLV).

Rajesh Ganjoo, product manager, Industrial Technologies (ITS), also gave a presentation entitled, “New Developments in Screw Compressors” and demonstrated the energy efficient features of two-stage and variable-speed compressors. By talking about trends and industry developments and highlighting our superior technology and history of innovation, Ganjoo established ITS as a technology leader at the Summit.

“The Summit provided Ingersoll Rand with a wonderful forum to network, address issues that affect our customers and share knowledge on the latest topics affecting the HVAC industry.” said Sanjeev Seth, acquisition leader for Trane in India. “In addition, because of our participation in the Summit, Trane generated a significant customer lead.”



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