July 11, 2010

Thermo King Helps Keep Expo Food Safe

SHANGHAI, China - Thermo King is providing logistics and refrigerated trucks for the 2010 Shanghai World Exposition from May through October 2010. Equipment includes Thermo King's MD200, MD300, MD300, KV500. Expo officials requested that each cold-chain delivery vehicle has a (global positioning system) GPS and temperature and humidity recording devices. These devices monitor the temperature inside so if a door opens accidentally or if the temperature becomes too high, an early warning signal will sound within 30 seconds and the temperature can be adjusted.

Thermo King unit KV500 complies with Expo requirements and has been the favorite choice for logistics and transport companies. Its unique cooling technology provides efficient cooling capacity and it is small size and light in weight. In addition, it is a good option for most transport vehicles, and has rapid cooling and precise temperature control. This saves fuel—even when conditions are harsh (when the outside temperature under 49 °C, the unit functions properly). In the Expo's steamy, hot environment, the KV500 is a perfect match with its rigorous temperature control.

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo attracts more than 70 million people from around the world who will participate in and experience more than 20,000 domestic and international activities. During the Expo, it is anticipated that approximately 49, 140 tons of goods will require cold-chain protection, including a daily quantity of 272 tons of packaged, refrigerated goods, in addition to meat, eggs, vegetables, dairy, cakes, drugs, blood products and other supplies. Food temperature is strictly controlled. For example, when transporting fresh yogurt, the transport storage temperature must be controlled at 4 °C to 7 °C, the temperature control of frozen food being transported must be below 0 °C and meat must be kept between -25 °C and -18 °C.



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