November 28, 2010

Thermo King Introduces New Rail Units at IANA Expo, Meets Customer Challenges

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Thermo King introduced two new refrigerated rail units at the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) Expo November 13-16 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Thermo King engineers designed the SB-210RR+ and SB-310RR+ units to meet the challenges customers face during unattended travel. These units offer fuel efficiency, contribute to lower operating costs and come with optional protection packages that help safeguard against damage in transit.

Keeping cargo consistently cool during unattended travel

Imagine what could happen if a refrigerated rail unit failed during an unmanned, nonstop trip across the country. “Rail transport requires reliable performance, especially in unattended applications,” said Doug Moore, business development manager, Rail Applications. “Refrigerated goods could spoil during such a long trip, even if the temperature is off just by a few degrees.” That’s why Thermo King’s reliable rail units SB-210RR+ and SB-310RR+ have the option for TracKing, Thermo King’s tracking system.

“Transporting goods by refrigerated rail results in long, unattended intervals for the cargo and equipment,” said Gayatri Abbott, global director – SMART Products & Telematics. “Assuring that refrigerated goods are consistently kept at the right temperature and are secure requires real-time remote monitoring of the cargo and the refrigerated unit. Our Telematics system Trac King generates real-time temperature and location alarms and gives our customers the ability to interact remotely with the unit they can see if the door is open or closed, turn the unit on and off and change temperature settings. TracKing also notifies customers when the unit’s fuel level low. This allows them to react quickly to ensure cargo safety.

But keeping cargo cool isn’t the only challenge customers face when they ship cargo long distances by rail. Not only do they need cargo protection, but they also need protection for the refrigerated units themselves, which endure the rigors of rail transport and the transition from rail to road. To get added protection, customers can select optional protection packages for SB-210RR+ and SB-310RR+. They include a heavy-duty protection guard that reduces impact if a crane mistakenly makes contact with another object while moving the unit from rail to road and a heavy-duty battery holder to withstand higher gravitational forces while traveling by rail.

Better reliability and fuel efficiency means reduced operating costs

“SB-210RR+ and SB-310RR+ offer customers the choice of the industry’s most efficient transportation refrigeration units designed for the specific demand of unattended rail and intermodal applications,” said Tom Kampf, product manager. “These units also offer the lowest cost of ownership, with great options that bring the best value for our customers."

These new Thermo King refrigerated rail units help customers reduce operating costs with optimized reliability and better fuel efficiency. “A reduction in unit failures improves operation ratios and drives better profitability for our customers,” Kampf added. “And a heavy-duty fuel filtration system assures 3,000 hours of service between fueling intervals.”

Longer battery life, more powerful 65-amp alternators and electronic door switches also make SB-210RR+ and SB-310RR+ better values for our customers.Meeting customer needs with eco-conscious products.

“Thermo King has been designing custom rail products for customers since 1948 and it continues to offer temperature controlled transportation solutions across all rail market segments,” said Doug Lenz, director of global product management for Thermo King. “We incorporate environmental requirements and regulations into the new solutions we develop, while keeping our customers’ feedback and needs at the forefront.”

Hosted by the Intermodal Association of North America, The 28th annual IANA Intermodal Expo is the intermodal freight transportation industry’s largest event. It attracts thousands of the top transportation and logistics professionals from around the world.



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