November 18, 2010

Security Technologies Employees in Turkey Make a “Promise to the Earth”

Employees at the Security Technologies' plant in Duzce, Turkey, are participating in a voluntary initiative called “My Promise to the Earth.” Participating employees make a personal public pledge to the earth to preserve and conserve it. The commitments employees make are posted at the entrance to the plant on a “Pledge Tree” for all to see, including visitors.

“Even though we have had excellent participation from many of our employees, one pledge stuck out as a particularly interesting and far reaching,” says Plant Manager Charles Cagatay Guler. A purchasing engineer, Yavuz Sarigul, saw an opportunity in the widely accepted local practice of suppliers sending customers promotional items during the holiday season. These items mainly consist of day planners, year calendars and notebooks. The Duzce plant receives hundreds of these items every year, which usually end up in a trash bin.

“As part of my pledge,” says Yavuz, “I asked all 73 of my suppliers to consider making a donation to an organization to plant a tree on behalf of Ingersoll Rand Turkey, instead of sending promotional items. Many of the suppliers have contacted me and thanked Ingersoll Rand for its sensitivity to the environment.” 



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