July 19, 2010

Industrial Technologies China holds Safety Day

SHANGHAI, CHINA (INGERSOLL RAND NEWS SERVICE) -- On June 30, 2010, the entire Industrial Technologies China commercial team stopped its daily activities for a period of time to focus on safety. All employees at customer centers, supply chain warehouse, overhaul center and offices sat down to conduct a series of safety activities.

Organized by the Industrial Technologies China Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee, the objective of the event was to enhance employee engagement by making employees a part of the process and EHS solution, thus increasing their sense of ownership and pride in creating a culture of safety for all.

As a part of the Safety Day activities, and following a decision by the senior leadership team to make the online Environmental, Health, and Safety Awareness training course mandatory for all employees in the region, employees had to finish the course by June 30.

Each site's Safety Day began with a presentation, provided by the EHS Committee, by the leader of each site. The presentation included the recently published EHS requirements for the company, updated the EHS performance of the team, highlighted the 2010 initiatives of the EHS Committee, shared best practices and discussed focus areas for the second half of the year. The presentation concluded with a quiz so employees could demonstrate their understanding of the safety-related policies. Employees who answered the questions quickly and correctly were awarded a small gift.

Following the presentation, employees watched a video that covered personal protective equipment, lock out/tag out, and traveling and driving safety.

At the end of the session, every employee was asked to write down his/her individual safety plan to demonstrate their personal commitment. A safety plan template was provided for employees and for supervisors and managers, who needed to show more responsibility for the safety plans of their teams. Once employees finished their safety plans, a few people were selected to share their plans with the team.

“Safety Day enhanced employee engagement by encouraging participation and interaction by all employees in not only identifying problems, but also in determining and being part of the EHS solutions,” said Shawn Zhang, general manager, channel, ITS China Commercial. “We need to continuously incubate a safety culture through various ways, and as Safety Day demonstrated, the EHS Committee is working on the right track.”



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