May 27, 2010

Three Security Technologies facilities reach safety milestones

CARMEL, IN (INGERSOLL RAND NEWS SERVICE) -- Employees at three Security Technologies facilities – Indianapolis, IN, Operations; Security, CO, Operations; and Princeton, IL, Operations – have achieved significant health and safety milestones over the past few months. Security Technologies has implemented several health and safety best practices that contributed, along with site-specific initiatives, to these accomplishments. These combined efforts include behavioral based safety programs, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) boot camps, balanced scorecards and the recently implemented EHS Maturity and Progression Path (MAPP).

INDIANAPOLIS – In February, the Indianapolis operations facility reached 2 million hours without a lost time injury. The site has put a strong focus on EHS awareness through its behavioral based safety program, Acts of Safety program and regular EHS boot camps. Indianapolis is continuing this emphasis and is currently launching a new web-based training system as an interactive method of training all employees in alignment with the Security, CO, sister facility.

PRINCETON – In March, the Princeton operations facility achieved 1 million hours without a lost time injury. The site has emphasized proactive tools and processes through the implementation of a formal on-the-job training program, management of change equipment checklist, increased frequency of management safety walks and several enhancements to improve communications and awareness. The facility launched a LIVE SAFE report out process through which all department leaders meet weekly to share best practices and initiatives with peers and plant staff.

SECURITY – In April, the Security, CO, facility also achieved 1 million hours without a lost time injury. Security has made a significant effort to enhance EHS ownership at all levels through EHS boot camps, an enhanced incident investigation process known as the “Safety Review Board,” and mandatory weekly and quarterly safety inspections by management. The site also increased employee involvement through the implementation of the Acts of Safety program and a safety slogan of the week contest.



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