November 1, 2010

Schlage Launches Consumer Blog With “Ugly Door Contest”

The front doors of our homes say so much about us. They welcome guests into our homes, greet friends and family when they arrive and protect our cherished memories. What is your door saying about you? Is it time for an upgrade of your door hardware to showcase your style, reinforce your security and welcome your guests? Schlage’s “Ugly Door Contest” invites consumers to upload their photos and share in 50 words or less why they’d like Schlage to replace their door hardware. To learn more, visit

The contest winner will be selected on Monday, November 22, and the winner will be able to select a Schlage handleset of their choice and accompanying hardware. A gift card for paint and supplies also will be included.

Schlage’s security and style
Your front door is the place where security and style meet. That’s why the front entry handleset you choose matters so much. To ensure your home’s security, all Schlage front-entry handlesets are precision-engineered, easy to install and built with a rugged all-metal chassis. And to complement your home’s style, Schlage offers a wide variety of designs and finishes – from simple and classic to sleek and contemporary. Explore Schlage’s Style Selector to see what your door could look like – and welcome a door makeover thanks to Schlage!



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