January 31, 2011

CEES Presents at Energy Efficiency Event at Texas State Capitol

On January 19, Jeff Moe, Ingersoll Rand’s Director of Global Policy and Advocacy at the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, delivered a presentation at an energy efficiency educational event for Texas legislators at the state capitol in Austin. The purpose of the presentation was to educate Texas policymakers about the benefits of energy efficiency.

Moe explained the importance of focusing on energy efficiency and its benefits for business, consumers, utilities and the state. He also delivered a run-down of how Ingersoll Rand’s products are capturing emerging technologies that allow homeowners to better manage energy, in particular Connected Home Solutions and HVAC innovations.

One of the most intriguing portions of Moe’s speech was his account of how energy audits at just a few of Ingersoll Rand’s plants exposed a great financial opportunity. Working with the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps, Ingersoll Rand was able to identify opportunities for almost $10M in cost reduction with a payback of less than half a year.

“I think a seed was planted at this event that will hopefully grow into more energy awareness, especially awareness around the financial opportunities that energy efficiency can create,” said Moe. “The desired end state is legislation that would incent actions the state would like to see happen, but also add value to our business and our customers.”

Andy Munn, Leader for State Government and Local Community Relations at Ingersoll Rand, noted that it is encouraging to see public policy leaders in Texas continue efforts toward the enhancement of energy efficiency programs. "The benefits of these programs are reaped by businesses, state agencies and the environment alike,” said Munn. “Ingersoll Rand looks forward to our continued support of Texas law-makers and regulators on this important issue."



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