January 24, 2013

Unparalleled Efficiency, Reliability and Simplicity- Trane CenTraVac™ Chillers

Trane has been the leader in a wide range of types and sizes of water chillers for over 50 years. The centrifugal water chiller continues that heritage. It offers unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and simplicity.

Models CVHE and CVHF are available in design capacities ranging from 120 to 2,000 tons. 

If a larger tonnage option is required, the model CDHF Duplex chiller can provide up to 3,950 tons. Efficiencies to 0.45 kW/ton are available at ARI rating conditions.
Trane EarthWise CenTraVac chillers recently earned an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), the first chiller in the world to do so. CTV-SLB040-EN has more information.

  • Tracer AdaptiView™ control panel with Adaptive™ Control keeps your chiller online when other chillers shut down.
  • EarthWise™ Purge provides a “near-zero” emissions chiller through monitoring that operates even when the chiller is off.
  • Lowest total refrigerant emissions rate in the industry—so low it's essentially a closed system. And if the refrigerant doesn't escape from the machine, it can't harm the environment.
  • Trane centrifugal chillers offer the highest efficiency in the industry. Selections are available below 0.50 kW/ton.
  • The key to the industry's highest efficiency and lowest refrigerant loss is the use of HCFC-123, which has the lowest direct effect global warming potential and the highest efficiency of all available refrigerants.



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