October 22, 2014

Ingersoll Rand Foundation Funds No Barriers USA Programs to Improve Lives of Low-income Youth

In August, 22 climbers from five Trane locations in Colorado raised $11,330 for No Barriers USA by undertaking a 9,000-foot climb in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

“We were the largest team at the event and Trane raised the most money,” said Johnny Brown, district general manager Rocky Mountain. “We climbed with some military veterans and there were a few blind people that made it to the top with us. It was amazing to see their courage.” Brown, along with Geoffrey MacDonald, marketing manager, helped organize the climb.

The team was spurred to action after hearing Erik Weinhenmayer -- founder of No Barriers USA, motivational speaker and the only blind person to scale Mt. Everest – speak about harnessing the power of adversity at Ingersoll Rand’s annual leadership conference in February.

No Barriers USA also captured the support of Ingersoll Rand’s Foundation, which recently donated $50,000 to improve the lives of low-income youth through experiences focusing on culture, sustainability, leadership development and innovation. The grant will support the non-profit organization’s Learning AFAR and mini-summit programs.

“No Barriers USA strives to help individuals realize their full potential and, like Ingersoll Rand, is proactively building strong leaders for the future,” said Misty Zelent, director of the Ingersoll Rand Foundation. “We’re excited to partner with No Barriers USA to unleash unique opportunities for personal growth, development and leadership in individuals living in low-income communities.”

Through Learning AFAR, No Barriers USA provides opportunities for youth to harness their strengths, connect with others and find their inner purpose and potential to make a difference in the world. Participants experience a six-month immersion in studying different cultures, global issues, service and leadership before embarking on an international journey. Part inspiration, part action, mini-summit conferences empower people to break through barriers, find their inner purpose and contribute their very best to the world.

Helping Low-Income Youth to Realize Their Dreams
The Rocky Mountain Trane team, given their engagement and passion for No Barriers USA, will champion a mini-summit in 2015 and will act as champions for this partnership. No Barriers USA is headquartered in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

“Through our work, we help low-income youth learn what it means to dream and, more importantly, how to make their dreams come true,” said Cindy Bean, chief development officer of No Barriers USA.

According to No Barriers USA, 50 percent of youth in low-income families fail to graduate high school, whereas 100 percent of students who participate in Learning AFAR successfully graduate high school; 75 percent of Learning AFAR graduates go on to attend college.



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