November 5, 2014

Ingersoll Rand and Project Scientist Host a STEM Learning Event at Charlotte Trane Facility

Ingersoll Rand recently hosted 43 girls between the ages of 5 and 13 as part of an ongoing relationship with Project Scientist on Friday, Oct. 31 at its Trane Remanufacturing facility in Charlotte. Trane is a leading global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand.

The Project Scientist girls participated in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related projects and discussed the importance of women in STEM fields with Marcy McClanahan, Trane plant manager; Scott Krull, president HVAC Parts and Supply Solutions; and Shelly Biby, Project Scientist program manager. Following the event, the girls, who were dressed as their favorite scientists, trick-or-treated around the facility.

“We were thrilled to bring these young girls to the Charlotte Trane facility and let them experience a ‘day in the life’ of a STEM professional,” said Misty Zelent, director of the Ingersoll Rand Charitable Foundation. “As an industry leader and member of the Charlotte community, it is a great privilege to be part of the intellectual growth of future leaders who express interest in STEM fields.”

The interactive event consisted of three primary activities for the Project Scientist girls to participate in, each focusing on different aspects of STEM careers:

-       Manufacturing Engineering Exercise – Using a method sheet, students built a tinker toy car. After successfully following the method sheet and building the car, students decorated their cars and went head-to-head in a friendly car race.

-       Manufacturing and Production – Participants observed the shop floor from above, giving them a bird’s eye view of the daily work associated with the manufacturing and production industry. Students then witnessed a robot welder in action, which was followed by a game focusing on critical analysis. The students used analytical thinking to estimate the approximate weight of a compressor, estimated how many students it would take to match the compressor’s weight and, finally, tested their hypothesis by stepping on a scale as a group.

-       Product Marketing – The students interacted in a hands-on activity where they learned about a variety of engineering products and how these products are best marketed. Working in teams, students designed sample marketing collateral.

“Through our partnership with Ingersoll Rand and the Ingersoll Rand Charitable Foundation, we have been able to give 43 young ladies a fantastic day of STEM educational activities that were hands-on, interactive, and fun,” said Biby. “These girls will lead the world in solving tomorrow’s greatest challenges. Through opportunities such as the one Ingersoll Rand and their outstanding employees provided today, we believe we will have a helping hand in making that happen."

The Ingersoll Rand Charitable Foundation recently donated $10,000 to Project Scientist; giving five Latina girls aged 4-12 from the Charlotte area the opportunity to attend the Project Scientist Academy. The academy is a five week summer program focused on STEM education. 



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