June 4, 2014

Ingersoll Rand Leaders Join Energy Efficiency Panels at Key Washington, D.C. Events

In late May Ingersoll Rand leaders Manlio Valdés, president – Compressed Air Systems and Services, and Paul Camuti, senior vice president – Innovation and Chief Technology Officer, spoke to the Alliance to Save Energy’s EE Global forum, and the World Environment Center’s (WEC) Gold Medal Colloquium, respectively.  They shared Ingersoll Rand’s position in forums addressing sustainability and energy efficiency.

Alliance to Save Energy, EE Global
Sponsored by Ingersoll Rand’s Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (CEES), Valdés represented Ingersoll Rand alongside other thought leaders and policy drivers at the EE Global 2014 Energy Efficiency Global Forum in Washington, D.C. on May 20.

Camuti, as well as Scott Tew, CEES executive director, Jordan Doria, CEES stakeholder engagement manager, and Dave Modi, Ingersoll Rand’s vice president of government affairs, joined Valdés at the event.  He participated on a panel with leaders from the U.S. Department of Energy, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the Institute for Industrial Productivity, Edison Electric Institute and the National Association for Manufacturers.  The panel discussion covered major policy barriers impeding industrial energy efficiency, and how to remove them.

Valdés emphasized the compressed air system optimization impacts on industrial energy efficiency – and best practices that Ingersoll Rand has experienced as an energy efficiency leader.  He shared that the most current industrial efficiency policies focus heavily on product efficiency, but the real gains to be had are at the system level.

Valdés illustrated his points with an example. “Consider buying a high performance engine and putting it in a car that has a one-eighth exhaust pipe and roller bearings for wheels,” he said.  “You have to optimize at the system level to derive the performance of the investment you’ve made in energy efficiency.”

About EE Global
This year’s EE Global Forum agenda kicked off with the official launch of the Alliance’s Energy 2030 On the Road campaign, which Ingersoll Rand endorses.  Since its inception in 2007, EE Global has become the world's premier forum dedicated to energy efficiency.  At this year’s forum, hundreds of leaders and delegates participated in an agenda highlighting solutions for addressing issues across four main areas: Government Leadership, Market Transformation, the Built Environment, and Investment & Financing.

World Environment Center – Gold Medal Colloquium
During the World Environment Center’s Gold Medal Colloquium. Camuti moderated the panel Why Does Business Need New Leadership and Skills to Prosper in the Future?  During the discussion, Camuti, Mike Barry, head of sustainability at Marks & Spencer, and Yale professor Bradford Gentry addressed the gap in workforce development around sustainability.  The panel discussed the balance of dedicated sustainability-focused roles and driving sustainability into every role within an organization, the direction that Ingersoll Rand embraces.

During the colloquium, WEC announced a new initiative, which was also the colloquium’s theme, Preparing Business Leaders for a Sustainable Future.  The new initiative is in collaboration with SC Johnson and the Ingersoll Rand Foundation.

Responding to a direct, stated need by business executives for improved sustainability skills of its newest hires, WEC will engage leaders in business and academia to integrate the design and teaching of sustainability within the core curriculum of leading universities, beginning in North America.



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