April 10, 2014

Author Jeana Wirtenberg Dedicates Chapter in New Sustainability Book to Ingersoll Rand

In March 2013 the Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability (CEES) hosted author Jeana Wirtenberg for a reception and signing to celebrate her newly launched book, Building a Culture For Sustainability: People, Planet and Profits in a New Green Economy.  Ingersoll Rand is featured for its sustainability efforts.

During her visit to Ingersoll Rand, Wirtenberg described the company as a “major player in the global sustainability movement.”  She shared with guests that the way to encourage sustainability in the marketplace is by telling great success stories. In sharing our experiences, she said, we’ll help educate other companies on how to create more sustainable cultures, and realize the benefits of the “triple bottom line.”

Ingersoll Rand’s Sustainability Efforts Highlighted
Building a Culture For Sustainability is a series of case studies addressing the efforts of nine global companies leading the way in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. A dedicated chapter to Ingersoll Rand’s efforts is titled “Ingersoll Rand: Integrating Sustainability into the Heartbeat of the Company.”  In the book, Wirtenberg highlights Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact when developing products and services and view of sustainability as a mindset, not an individual event.

Wirtenberg interviewed leaders across the organizations of each company she profiled.  Her aim was to design a book to help businesses learn how to create a culture for sustainability, by sharing best practices, lessons learned, frameworks, tools and resources.

In the book, Wirtenberg shares the lessons learned from Ingersoll Rand’s ongoing journey to sustainability. Among them is the essential step of developing a rallying point and aligning all activities and decision making with it.  She quotes Paul Camuti, Ingersoll Rand’s senior vice president, Innovation and Chief Technology Officer, who says, “You can’t underestimate the amount of time [you need to take] at the beginning to be thoughtful in developing your plan and [in considering] how it will evolve over the years.  The key for embedding sustainability in the culture is alignment.”

Best Practices Recognized
Wirtenberg notes several unique findings throughout the book including Ingersoll Rand’s success at embedding sustainability into the company through education and employee engagement. She applauds Ingersoll Rand’s employee engagement efforts, such as the global Green Teams, Sustainability Workshops and the One STEP Forward program.

She also features Ingersoll Rand’s approach to creating and sustaining customer value, including methodologies used for segmenting the market, building a green portfolio and leveraging disruptive and open innovation. Wirtenberg admires Ingersoll Rand’s use of outcome driven innovation (ODI) to address sustainability challenges and recommends the methodology as transferable to other industries and organizations.



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