November 30, 2014

Ingersoll Rand China Volunteers Spend Day with AIDS-affected Youth

"Give an orphan some bread, you feed him for one day. Teach him how to bake, you feed him for a lifetime." Inspired by this motto, 18 Ingersoll Rand volunteers from corporate functions, strategic business units (SBUs) and volunteers from Shanghai and Changzhou, China, plants took part in a volunteer activity for Ingersoll Rand China’s AIDS-affected Orphan Program at the end of October.

The activity occurred at Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) baking center and was funded by Chi Heng Foundation, the NGO partner of China’s Orphan Program. Entitled A Day of Baker & English Teacher, the one-day event provided the AIDS-affected orphans with professional skill training.

Through training and help from the SYB program, these young people are on their way to becoming professional bakers. They are embracing internship opportunities in international five-star hotels, and also 6-12 months of training in France.

Some of the orphans are from Zhu Madian village, Henan province, which was known as the AIDS Village in China decades ago. One Ingersoll Rand China volunteer who is from that village said, “I’m really glad to participate in this activity today and I am touched deeply to see that so many kids from my hometown were helped through the company I am working for.”

After making do-it-yourself pizzas with the help of the children, Ingersoll Rand volunteers moved to the priority of the day: delivering a vivid and interesting English lesson to the children. They started with a warm-up activity to encourage brief self-introductions in English. Then, all participants divided into five groups to teach and learn commonly used baking terms, such as ingredients, recipes and utensils.

The well-prepared teaching plan and resource tools, together with the patience and encouragement from Ingersoll Rand volunteers, helped the children to happily and confidently participate. In the testing round, all orphans bravely spoke aloud the words they had learned.

“Thanks for the great support from Ingersoll Rand and your volunteers,” said the SYB manager. “The dedicated preparation for this English class will not only support the foundation for the kids working in five-star hotels, but help them develop further in the career of professional bakers.”

After the English class, the children helped volunteers bake French cookies in different shapes and carefully decorate them with colorful icing.

Although the event was short, it enabled the volunteers to experience the merits of diligence, integrity, perseverance and optimism, as demonstrated by the orphaned children who have suffered from severe obstacles in their lives.

“The values of today’s event are far from baking and teaching, as it offers every orphan in this program an opportunity to change their life and helps them enter a completely different and bright future,” said one volunteer.

About Shanghai Young Bakers Program

Initiated in 2009, the SYB Program aims to go beyond charity and help AIDS-affected orphans, teenagers and other disadvantaged children develop skills, teamwork, spirit and lead them to real job opportunities as qualified bakers and pastry chefs.

About AIDS-Affected Orphans Program

As the first corporate social responsibility program of Ingersoll Rand in China, the program partners with Chi Heng Foundation with the aim of engaging employees of Ingersoll Rand in China to help AIDS-affected orphans receive education and vocational training. It also enables more people to build an understanding of the AIDS disease and treat AIDS-affected people respectfully and fairly. 

Photo Caption: Volunteers celebrating the first pizza they baked with the kids' help



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