July 22, 2015

Ingersoll Rand Recognized as 2015 EcoLeader

Ingersoll Rand’s sustainability efforts caught the attention of Green Builder Media, which has named our company as one of its 2015 Eco Leaders. Eco Leaders are companies confronting environmental challenges such as climate change. They are embracing renewable energy, increasing transparency and reimagining their products, manufacturing processes and relationships with suppliers and the communities in which they have a presence.

The publication highlighted our Climate Commitment and EcoWise™ portfolio of products, the Trane CenTraVac chiller portfolio and its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), employee engagement and the impact of our 112 Green Teams.

In the publication, Scott Tew, executive director of Ingersoll Rand’s Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability(CEES), discussed Ingersoll Rand’s sustainability story. He credited Chairman and CEO Mike Lamach for starting the shift in 2009 toward embedding sustainability in every facet of our company. Lamach set a challenge to learn how to use all of our tools — lean manufacturing, greater efficiency, reduced waste — to better satisfy customers.

“We came away with a mandate: to integrate and embed sustainability into every brand and every function,” said Tew. At the center of this is Ingersoll Rand’s Climate Commitment to significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts from our operations and product portfolio by 2030, with key milestones specified for 2020.

The publication detailed the creation of our EcoWise portfolio of products earlier this year. These products, such as the Trane Sintesis air-cooled chiller and the Trane E Series CenTraVac large capacity chiller, are designed to lower environmental impact with next-generation, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and high efficiency operation.

Tew also discussed our sustainability module – Design for Sustainability (DfS) – that helps guide our new product development process and includes criteria for choosing raw materials and evaluating a product’s end of life. Since our products last such a long time, this module guides future Ingersoll Rand employees as they develop new products. “Our products last 20 to 25 years,” said Tew, “and we have to think beyond the careers of current employees.”

The publication also goes into depth on how Ingersoll Rand employees are engaged in sustainability efforts – through specialized training, transparent communication and the company’s Green Teams. Ingersoll Rand Green Teams have greatly impacted several areas, including greenhouse gas emissions, waste and energy saved.

Read the full article detailing all seven Eco Leaders (turn to Page 18)



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