February 17, 2015

Thermo King Showcases Innovative Marine Refrigeration Solutions at FRUIT LOGISTICA

This year at the FRUIT LOGISTICA trade show in Berlin, Thermo King showcased innovative refrigeration solutions for marine applications that help deliver fruit and vegetables to the most distant locations with preserved quality, taste and appearance.

“With decades of experience in helping customers deliver goods from point A to point B, Thermo King designed two new innovative solutions that provide more efficient options for exporters to ensure their fresh goods maintain the quality and freshness that consumers expect,“ said Michel van Roozendaal, vice president, Global Marine, Rail and Bus for Thermo King.

These new solutions include Thermo King Magnum Plus Optima Controlled Atmosphere Technology and Thermo King Passive Refrigeration Technology Concept.

Thermo King Magnum Plus Optima Controlled Atmosphere Technology
Fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers are living organisms that consume oxygen (O2) and produce carbon dioxide (CO2) during natural respiration, a process that continues after harvest and causes aging and ripening. Magnum Plus Optima, with active oxygen removal, delays ripening, ageing and decay of fresh fruit and vegetables to preserve their quality, taste and weight during long distance transportation.

By prolonging the post-harvest life of fresh produce, growers can extend shipping distances and reach unexplored markets. Moreover, it also permits growers to harvest produce closer to its natural maturity time and peak flavor.

“Many global shipping lines utilize passive controlled atmosphere technology today, which only maintains the atmosphere within a reefer container after it has been established by the respiratory activity of the fresh produce,” said van Roozendaal.

“What’s remarkable about this new active Magnum Plus Optima system is that it doesn’t depend on the respiration of the fresh produce and allows for more precise control over the reefer environment, effectively slowing down the aging and ripening processes of fruit, vegetables and flowers during transit,” van Roozendaal added. “This allows growers to reach new customers with products that previously could not be shipped by sea at an affordable cost.”

Thermo King Passive Refrigeration Technology Concept
With no need for plugging and unplugging, like in case of a conventional reefer, passive refrigeration technology concept ensures the cargo is transported at the right temperature and humidity conditions to preserve the quality, taste and weight of fresh harvested produce, regardless of the region, time or operator.

Patented by Thermo King, passive refrigeration combines the best of intermodal transportation solutions – the operational simplicity of a dry container with the cooling capacity and functional benefits of a reefer.

Every year more than 2,600 exhibitors and 62,000 trade visitors attend FRUIT LOGISTICA, which covers every sector of the fresh produce business and provides a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services at every link in the international supply chain. For more information, visit www.fruitlogistica.de.



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