June 11, 2017

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: Message from Michael W. Lamach, Chairman and CEO of Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand has long been committed to building a progressive, diverse and inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds are valued and engaged. Diversity and inclusion are integral to our winning culture strategy; and our winning culture is the key to our premier performance, enabling both growth and operational excellence. 

My leadership team and I believe that the diversity of our people makes us a stronger company all around the world. We believe that diverse teams are more innovative, better at solving problems for our customers, and deliver greater results. But success is not just about having talented people on board with differing backgrounds. All our people must feel they can succeed at Ingersoll Rand and that their unique backgrounds, talents and views are truly valued. Cultivating an environment of highly engaged, diverse employees is essential to delivering superior results for our customers and shareholders. 

We believe there is a virtuous cycle of success when our people feel included and engaged; they deliver amazing results for customers, and in turn we satisfy our shareholders. We also know that the work to create this environment is never done. Ingersoll Rand has been committed to solving some of the world's biggest challenges for 146 years. To continue to make a positive impact on the world for the next century and beyond, we must do more to continuously improve our culture and build a diverse workforce, from the boardroom to the front line. 

Therefore, I'm proud to announce that I and more than 150 CEOs from some of America’s largest businesses, joined together in a pledge for CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™. This pledge is another natural extension of what we’re already doing to create a progressive, diverse and inclusive environment. We look for opportunities to leverage the strengths of our peers and partners, such as earlier this year when we joined dozens of companies in the Paradigm for Parity coalition to bring gender parity to our corporate leadership structure by 2030. 

We can advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace faster by organizations learning from each other. That's why I'm excited about this CEO pledge. It holds each participating CEO and company accountable to continue to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace…to create open, trusting environments where we can have the complex, sometimes difficult, dialogue about diversity and inclusion. Above all, it creates a unique forum where we can learn from each other and share best practices.  

Together, with our peers in the business community, we have the power to make positive, sustainable change on these pervasive societal issues. By taking on the urgent need for more diverse and inclusive workplaces we can foster environments where all people are valued, respected and engaged.


Michael W. Lamach
Chairman and CEO



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