June 27, 2017

Ingersoll Rand Leader Shares Best Practices in Adapting Circular Economy Principles to Manufacturing Facilities

Marcy McClanahan, plant manager and site leader of our Trane Aftermarket Facility, discussed how Ingersoll Rand is adapting circular economy principles in our manufacturing facilities at the 2017 Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit in Washington D.C. 

Joined by a representative from Georgia Institute of Technology, McClanahan participated in a discussion titled, “Circular Economy Principles in Action — Moving from Prototype to Mainstream: Manufacturing.” Participants learned about balancing environmental and economic considerations in product-design and business model choices in manufacturing. 

“The same principles used in the circular economy – preserving and enhancing natural capital, optimizing resource yields and fostering system effectiveness – are transferrable to manufacturing centers, and the work we’re doing at our aftermarket facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, is proof of that,” McClanahan said. “We’re able to bring in decades-old compressors and give them an additional 20 years of new life. At the same time, we’re reducing our impact on the environment by recycling what can’t be remanufactured and returning clean water to the City of Charlotte.” 

In its third year, the National Circular Economy Summit brought together hundreds of public and private sector leaders committed to contributing business solutions to society’s global challenges. This year’s summit, From Aspiration to Implementation, informed participants of practical actions and solutions they can take to turn circular principles into profitable actions to optimize resources, eradicate waste, accelerate innovation and performance, and contribute to a stronger competitive economy.




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