December 13, 2017

Ingersoll Rand Offers Greener Development Solutions at 2017 International Conference on Green Production and Consumption

Ingersoll Rand attended the 2017 Green Production and Consumption International Conference with guests from the Chinese government, foreign embassies in China, domestic and international research institutes, associations, and related industries. The conference focused on green design, green manufacturing, supply chain and consumption with a discussion on the green development of China's industries.

At the conference, Steve Eaton, global engineering manager of Ingersoll Rand, joined the “Green Electrical and Mechanical Industry” sub-forum and discussed how energy efficiency standards guide the upgrade of compressor products. He introduced the ways in which energy-efficient air compressor products and solutions can reduce operating costs, while demonstrating Ingersoll Rand's commitment to green manufacturing.

Wang Ziqi, solution sales and key account manager of Compression Technologies and Services, joined the "Green Pharmaceuticals" forum, and  spoke about assisting green chemical pharmaceuticals. He emphasized the importance of applying energy efficient and reliable air compressors to improve the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products during the production process.

The Green Production and Consumption International Conference 2017 was organized by China National Institute of Standardization, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Strategic Consulting and Research Institute, and China Association for Industry-Academia Cooperation. The conference aims to further promote the green development of industries, enhance green standards that help to improve quality, and spur supply-side reform.



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