November 13, 2018

Not Dead Yet: Ingersoll Rand Impact Tool Still Runs after Four Years on Farm Roadside

An old, dirty impact wrench sits in a garage

Second-generation farmer Robert Taylor spent days looking for his missing Ingersoll Rand 1/2" impact wrench around his family farm in Rorketon, Manitoba, Canada. He had set the tool down on the frame of his cultivator before heading out to the field, and now it was gone.

"He couldn't find it anywhere, even after days of searching," said Robert's son, Kim Taylor. "The tool had bounced off the cultivator onto the edge of the gravel road, and apparently the grader had come by the next day and buried it during road maintenance."

Four years later…

About four years later, Robert could hardly believe it when the tool surfaced from the gravel along the roadside. Then he did what any long-lost tool owner would do. He brushed off the dirt, added some oil, connected the air hose and gave it a whirl.

"I couldn't believe it worked," Kim said. "It looked like there was no way this impact wrench could survive four years of being chucked around by the grader. It went through dirt, gravel, rain and snow. If anything, I thought moisture would have killed it.

"My dad must have oiled it up years ago before he used it,” Kim continued. “It goes to show how important it is to maintain your tools. I tell my friends about this all the time. When I'm buying air tools, I'm going with Ingersoll Rand. My dad is hooked on them, too. Anything that lasts that long in the elements has to be good quality."



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