June 26, 2018

The Manufacturing Institute Honors Two Ingersoll Rand Women Leaders

Ingersoll Rand's Kelly Dees and Jennifer Eckert pose with their awards

Ingersoll Rand’s Kelly Dees and Jennifer Eckert both point to strong female role models as inspiration for their lives and careers. That inspiration has helped them succeed, and now they’ve been recognized for their accomplishments.

Earlier this year, the Manufacturing Institute honored Kelly and Jennifer with its 2018 Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Ahead Award. Kelly is the global customer experience Leader for Ingersoll Rand’s Fluid Management, Material Handling and Power Tools strategic business unit (SBU), while Jennifer is the global product manager for the Material Handling business.

The STEP Ahead Award recognizes women who demonstrate excellence and leadership in their careers and represent all levels of manufacturing, “from the factory floor to the C-suite.” It also applauds their community service. Kelly and Jennifer won because they embody Ingersoll Rand’s culture of continuous improvement that drives growth, satisfies customers, helps communities and builds employee engagement.

Pay it forward

“It’s such a privilege to be honored with the STEP award with so many amazing and accomplished women in manufacturing,” Kelly said. “It’s now my responsibility to pay it forward by mentoring and supporting the next generation of female talent within Ingersoll Rand.”

Added Jennifer: “I challenge everyone to think about how we can spread the word about how great the manufacturing industry is, how critical it is to our economy and how many unique and rewarding opportunities there are for careers within it, especially at Ingersoll Rand.”

Why they won

Kelly has consistently used her financial expertise to improve our customers’ experience. She’s spearheaded large and small efforts that have considerably reduced customer response time, which in turn has not only increased our customer satisfaction scores, but it’s also increased our own employee engagement scores. Her willingness to address problems from end-to-end has made Kelly an effective and well-respected leader.

Jennifer’s leadership has led to faster product configurations, which lets the business win more orders and take back lost market share from competitors. She’s also had a firm hand in growing business outright, developing standard work to more effectively market a service we were already offering to customers.

Ambassadors of modern manufacturing

“Kelly’s and Jennifer’s achievements and limitless potential are a reminder that the best of manufacturing is yet to come – and that we need many more women like them pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo,” said Chairman and CEO Mike Lamach. “Our industry success and sustainability depends on it.

“One way we can attract and retain more women in manufacturing like Kelly and Jennifer is to recognize those who are shaping our industry for the better,” he said. “The STEP Ahead Awards provides that platform to showcase these incredibly talented, passionate and dedicated women. I’m proud to have them serving as ambassadors of modern manufacturing.”



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