2030 Sustainability Commitment

Gigaton Challenge | Leading by Example | Opportunity for All
Sustainability is a greater purpose that allows us to make a positive impact on the world. Our 2030 Sustainability Commitment is designed around supply chain and operations, world-leading products, systems and services, and enhancing the quality of life. It challenges us further to address global issues like climate change, and to be the brands the world looks to for solutions that reduce energy dependence and emissions, and preserve food, water and other natural resources. We are putting the best minds and the best technology to work to go beyond what is possible.
Customer Outcomes

Reduce customer carbon footprint by 1 gigaton (or 1 billion metric tons of CO2e)

Design systems for circularity

Increase access to cooling, fresh food, water and clean air

Operations & Supply Chain

Achieve carbon‐neutral operations

Deliver zero waste to landfill

Become net positive water

Achieve 10% absolute reduction in energy consumption


Achieve enhanced workforce diversity reflective of our communities

Achieve gender parity in leadership roles

Maintain world-class safety metrics

Maintain world-class engagement metrics

Provide wellness offerings for full global population


Broaden community access to well-being services including food/nutrition, housing and shelter, transportation and climate comfort

Invest in STEM workforce development and retraining programs

Establish network of partners to foster STEM and early education experiences

Launch seed grants for critical mobility needs