Thermo King Europe Award Recipients

COOP Logistik AB – 2012

A distributor of fresh and frozen food products, created a more cost-effective supply chain that reduced CO2 emissions by as much as 6,700 tons per year. The new system provides greater control over ingoing and outgoing transport while increasing sustainability and reducing fuel consumption. Read more about COOP’s operational efficiency practices.

SPAR – 2012

A Rotterdam-based food retail company, SPAR adopted a cutting-edge cooling technology for its fleet that enabled the company to reduce its carbon footprint, meet cold chain regulation requirements and lower annual distribution costs by an estimated 62.000 Euros. Read more about SPAR’s energy optimization strategies.

STAF – 2012

A leader in refrigerated retail transport, STAF implemented a cryogenics solution to achieve a significant reduction in emissions when compared to conventional diesel powered units. Since 2011, STAF has reduced its CO2 emissions by approximately 44,560 kg annually. Learn about STAF’s commitment to energy efficiency.

Musgrave Retail Partners - 2011

The retail division of the Musgrave Group, Musgrave Retail Partners is Ireland’s largest grocery and food distributor. The company implemented a custom double-deck, multi-temperature trailer system for its SuperValu stores throughout Ireland. This change increased available trailer capacity by 65 percent and saved more than 70,000 pounds per year in personnel, fuel and fleet costs. Learn about Musgrave’s sustainability initiatives.

ASKO – 2011

Norway’s largest wholesaler of premium kitchen, laundry and professional appliances was the first recipient of the Energy Efficiency Leader Award in Europe. Its energy efficient transport solutions resulted in a 90 percent reduction in noise emissions while providing a 60 percent faster pull down. Learn about the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

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