Thermo King North America Award Recipients

Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) - 2014

Serving the cities of Palmdale, Lancaster and Northern Los Angeles County, AVTA adopted an all-electric HVAC system to improve the efficiency of its bus fleets. The energy efficient system increased fuel savings and reliability while reducing maintenance hours. Learn more about how AVTA keeps its fleets sustainable. 

TransAm - 2013

A premier carrier in the temperature-controlled freight industry, TransAm implemented an intelligent route solution program for drivers to reduce “out-of-route miles” generated by manual trip planning. With reduction in unnecessary miles, TransAm's drivers now complete trips faster and are dispatched on other loads more quickly. Learn more about the energy efficiency achievements of TransAm.

Sheetz - 2013

A family-owned convenience restaurant chain operation, Sheetz customized its 52-van delivery fleet with multi-temperature capabilities, saving the company more than 148,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually compared to conventional box delivery solutions. Learn more about Sheetz and its energy efficient solutions.

D&D Sexton – 2012

The Midwest’s premier refrigerated carrier, D&D specializes in the delivery of multi-drop time-sensitive food products. In a step to improve energy efficiency, the company added new solutions to reduce idling time and fuel costs while increasing driver retention. Learn more about D&D Sexton’s efficient practices. 

E.A. Sween Company (EAS) – 2012

EAS delivers perishable food items to convenience stores and other retailers daily, all while maintaining sustainable operations. When the company adopted new lighter-weight diesel trucks for its fleets, its design emitted 700 lbs. less carbon per month, or 4.2 tons less carbon dioxide annually. Watch to learn more about E.A. Sween’s environmental stewardship.

Gardena Municipal Bus Lines – 2012

A suburban Los Angeles area transit system operated by the City of Gardena was one of the nation's only transit systems featuring 100 percent electric HVAC systems on its 53 hybrid buses. Watch to learn more about the city’s sustainable initiatives. 

Marten Transport - 2011

The company, which specializes in transportation of foods, chemicals and other products, implemented innovative systems to lower refrigeration hours by 10 percent, reduce idle time to two percent and save millions of gallons of fuel throughout its fleet of 4,300 company-owned trailers. Watch to learn more about Marten Transport’s mission to provide society with a cleaner, safer environment. 

Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) – 2011

The nation’s 14th largest public transit system, Miami-Dade Transit electrified key accessories on 13 new county buses, making the buses 25 percent more fuel efficient. MDT was one of the first transit agencies in the nation to electrify bus accessories. Watch to learn more about MDT’s energy efficient improvements. 

Stevens Transport – 2011

A Dallas-based refrigerated transport carrier, Stevens Transport partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a SmartWay affiliate, which helped the company to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, control air pollution, and improve fuel efficiency. In 2011, its leaders implemented solutions that reduced fuel consumption by 6.6 percent and idle time by more than 48 percent. Watch to learn more about Stevens’ environmental initiatives.

C.R. England – 2010

The world's largest refrigerated carrier, C.R. England demonstrated significant achievements in sustainability and innovation. Its use of an intermodal network – which uses shipping via rail instead of over-the-road – saved C.R. England and its customers more than 3.5 million gallons of fuel in 2009. Learn more about C.R. England’s commitment to operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Edible Arrangements - 2010

Edible Arrangements received the first-ever Thermo King Energy Efficiency Leader Award in 2010 for its use of customized vans with all-electric cooling that lead to 27 percent diesel fuel savings. The all-electric systems offer shore power, allowing drivers to plug into standard electric outlets to recharge and refrigerate rather than use fuel during loading and unloading. Read more about how Edible Arrangements ensures product freshness.

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