Environment: Product Life Cycle Approach (LCA) and End-of-Use Considerations

2020 Goal: 100% of new products

have a life cycle assessment (LCA)

Many of our products are built to operate for 15 to 20 years. Consequently, designing them to meet current and future regulations adds value for our customers today while helping them prepare for the more stringent regulatory environments to come. We have a goal to perform a life cycle assessment (LCA) on 100% of new products by 2020. In addition, we have a goal to create an end-of-use manual for 100% of New Product Development (NPD) projects.



% of new products receiving LCA by EOY 2017


% of NPD projects in IRPDP that have end-of-use manual by EOY 2017.

We have seven end-of-use manuals


Management Approach

The Ingersoll Rand Product Development Process (IRPDP), used by all Ingersoll Rand businesses, applies standard work to the product development life cycle to ensure we are meeting customer needs, assessing risk, embedding sustainability and developing intellectual property. IRPDP has several modules that can be applied at various stages of product development. In all, IRPDP has generated or improved more than 70 product development projects.

One of the modules is focused on “Design for Sustainability” and consists of tools and standard work focused on environmental impact. In phase 2 of IRPDP, the product team identifies risks related to environmental, health and safety (EHS) or sustainability considerations in compliance with related codes that affect the product. Both our extensive (full) LCAs and our streamlined LCAs cover our product impacts from cradle to grave, including impacts from all stages – raw materials, manufacturing, use phase and end of use. We have 2020 goals that address LCA and end-of-use considerations. Please see our Progress Toward 2020.

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