Governance: Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty continues to be a priority at Ingersoll Rand. We are committed to better understanding customer perspectives and refining our offerings to meet and exceed their expectations for reliability, energy efficiency and sustainability. We measure customer satisfaction through the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), which includes a combination of Net Promoter, Net Delighted, Net Committed and Net Satisfied criteria. We leverage customer relationship management (CRM) systems to drive common processes, connect deep insight on customers and competitors, and drive strategic growth programs that aim to deliver a superior customer experience and financial returns to Ingersoll Rand. We measure specific attributes of the customer experience to understand where we have high and low levels of satisfaction. These attributes include:

  1. Sales experience

  2. Product experience

  3. Delivery experience

  4. Service and support experience

We use a consistent global measurement process to capture the voice of the customer and CSI scores of each strategic business unit (SBU). The data is updated and reviewed with SBU leadership quarterly. All businesses communicate their customer satisfaction data to leadership and functional teams. These teams develop action plans to address items that require immediate corrective action or long-term resolution. The data is also used to validate and inform the businesses’ strategic improvement plans. Additionally, we have 2020 targets related to customer satisfaction that include goals to increase the reliability, durability, health and safety of our products. We do not report our CSI scores publicly; we are exceeding our planned targets.

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