Letter From Our CTO

At Ingersoll Rand, we integrate sustainability into every part of our business. It starts with our people, and together, we hold ourselves accountable for keeping sustainability front and center in all that we do— for our customers, in our own operations, and for the communities around the world where we live and work.

When we evaluate a proposed course of action, we first assess whether it aligns with our sustainability vision. Is it an energy- and resourceefficient solution that creates value for our customers? Will it reduce our environmental impact as an organization? Will it contribute to a better world? Our sustainability performance is the cumulative result of many different decisions made through this lens.

Innovating for Our Customers

Through product and service innovation, we help our customers achieve their business objectives and address sustainability challenges. In addition to climate change, urbanization and resource scarcity, these challenges include shifting demographics and demands for enhanced energy productivity in an increasingly digitally connected world. Our innovative solutions for buildings, transportation markets and industrial processes are leading the way toward a less carbon-intensive planet and a more sustainable future.

Over the past four years, we have refreshed 85% of our product portfolio, achieving superior breadth and depth in nearly every major category in which we compete. Each of these new products features sustainable design, aligns with total life cycle management principles and uses natural resources more efficiently than before.

Innovating for Value Creation

With a proven track record in operational excellence, we are continuously finding new and better ways of improving productivity and making our operations more environmentally sustainable.

We use the same energy efficiency solutions we provide to customers to reduce the environmental footprint of our own operations. Whether we’re investing in renewable energy, upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, modernizing industrial processes or simply replacing incandescent lighting with LEDs, we strive to use only the resources we absolutely need.

As part of our Climate Commitment announced in 2014, we are working to achieve a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations by 2020. To deliver on this goal, we targeted a 10% improvement in energy efficiency from our 2013 baseline. Earlier this year, we announced that we have met this milestone—two years ahead of schedule—and, coupled with our commitment to incorporating low-global warming potential refrigerants, we are on pace to meet our environmental goals.

Innovating for a More Sustainable World

We realize the power of innovation when our employees feel included and engaged. That’s why we place as much focus on building a diverse and inclusive culture as we do on company growth and operational excellence.

Through the ingenuity of our engineers, the commitment of our volunteer green teams or the many thousands of hours we volunteer in our communities, it’s clear that our people believe in what we do. We encourage them to discover the intersection of their personal passions and community needs—and then supplement their volunteer activity with corporate resources, philanthropic giving and time off from work.

For example, our team in India has a passion for science education in rural communities. In 2017, we sponsored vocational training at two National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) partner centers, facilitating employment for nearly 250 youths, 30% of whom are girls. We also maintain an active partnership with India’s Agastya International Foundation to facilitate hands-on science education for underprivileged children.

We realize the power of innovation when our employees feel included and engaged.

Delivering Premier Performance

Sustainability is inextricably linked to being a premier-performing company. That’s why we will continue to innovate and invest in new products, services and solutions to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. That’s why we will continue to invest in new ways to reduce our environmental footprint. That’s why we will continue to invest in our people and our winning culture, and to nurture the best new ideas from a diverse, engaged organization.

In all these ways and more, we will continue to invest in a more sustainable future. I look forward to keeping you informed about our progress in the years ahead.


Paul A. Camuti

Senior Vice President, Innovation

Chief Technology Officer

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