Our Products: Product Reliability

The safety and reliability of our products is imperative to our success. That’s why we thoroughly incorporate these considerations into all phases of our product development process — from research through manufacturing to installment and service.

It is our standard practice to comply with regulations and various voluntary codes concerning product labeling and service information, marketing communications and customer safety. Each business unit has a designated legal counsel who follows a process for addressing issues of non-compliance in these areas. Due to market differences, tracking of non-compliance-related incidents in the areas of product labeling, marketing communication and customer safety is the responsibility of each business. As such, we do not collect this data or make general statements on this topic at the enterprise level.

Management Approach

Customer health and safety is integrated into our Ingersoll Rand Product Development Process (IRPDP). Phase two of the process includes specific deliverables where the product team identifies risks related to environmental, health and safety (EHS) and/or sustainability considerations in compliance with related codes that affect the product. A serviceability review is conducted at multiple gates and is part of the independent design review.

We measure the health and safety of our products through serviceability, reliability and durability. These metrics evaluate the initial customer quality and the time it takes to resolve a design issue from the time it is first identified. We also measure the percentage of New Product Development (NPD) projects in IRPDP that have serviceability review. We are seeing a decrease every year in the time it takes to achieve a solution for a reported issue.

Paul Camuti, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Ingersoll Rand, oversees product stewardship via his oversight of engineering, innovation, product development and growth strategy.

We have two 2020 targets related to customer health and safety. Please see our Progress Toward 2020 Targets section.

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