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Ingersoll Rand creates comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments that advance the quality of life across the globe. Our team is at the forefront of innovating where global trends—such as climate change, urbanization and resource scarcity—intersect with buildings, industrial processes and transportation markets. For example, we have collaborated with a number of water department officials seeking advice on how to cool wastewater in the face of a loss of electricity. Given our expertise in water, we are helping advise cities when they are establishing their resiliency plans on the best way to solve water cooling challenges during national disasters. Moreover, we know our products can help promote nexus solutions—products that promote climate change mitigation through energy efficiency. Read more about our efforts in the Energy Efficiency of Our Products section.

As a global provider, we also recognize an opportunity to innovate solutions for those living at the base of the pyramid—that is, those living on less than $2.50 (USD) per day. We have activities in progress to develop solutions that are affordable for this segment of society.

Management Approach

Nexus Opportunities

More than 90% of our product portfolio directly addresses demands for greater energy efficiency with lower greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, homes, industrial spaces and transport markets around the world. Across all of our brands and businesses, our growth and operational excellence strategies are focused on opportunities to simultaneously address the world’s growing demand for products that consume less energy while also accelerating the global transition to a less carbon-intensive way of life. Our Climate Commitment outlines our approach to capturing this opportunity. Read more on our Climate Commitment page.

Base of the Pyramid Solutions

We have a 2020 goal to share energy conservation knowledge with 200 officials in developing regions. See our Progress Toward 2020 Targets section.


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