Corporate Citizenship

At their core, our citizenship initiatives are investments in our communities; we aim to put more back into society than we take out. To achieve measurable impact, we set proactive, strategic 2020 targets. Focused on challenges that align with our core strengths and business goals, Ingersoll Rand has four citizenship priorities: (1) expand competency in energy and other resource efficiency; (2) inspire STEM education; (3) address nutrition and food waste reduction and (4) support housing and shelter needs.

Our Investments

Across our four priorities, we provide grants through the Ingersoll Rand Foundation and charitable partnerships, like our longstanding work with United Way. Additionally, at our locations around the world, our employees dedicate their time and apply their unique expertise to volunteer locally and make their communities better places to live and work. In 2018, our employees spent 30,492 hours volunteering, equivalent to $752,847. Through the Foundation, our signature National Coalition of Certification Centers program, charitable fundraising and management overheads, our total philanthropic giving totaled $6.7 million in 2018.






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Our Impact

Our citizenship priorities leverage our core business strengths and deliver both social and business benefits. Aligned with four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — read more about how we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals — our priorities help us contribute to the work of governments and communities and other businesses around the world. At the same time, our work delivers business benefits by expanding business opportunities, creating human resources benefits through stronger employer reputation and retention, and improving stakeholder relations with our communities and employees.

Climate Action: Expanding Competency in Energy and Resource Efficiency

Through product and service innovations, Ingersoll Rand is creating more efficient, sustainable and economic options for our customers. We are investing in research and development, convening thought leaders and, as part of our citizenship goals, sharing our expertise and advice with 200 energy officials in developing regions. By creating awareness about the environmental and economic benefits of resource efficiency, we drive uptake in sustainable options and grow the demand for our energy efficient products and services.

Quality Education: Inspiring Stem Education

The skills and education gap resulting from global economic shifts and ongoing advances in technology is bad for business and the health of our local communities. As an industrial manufacturer, Ingersoll Rand’s focus on advancing STEM education not only creates opportunities for economic mobility, but it is also an essential investment in the future of our workforce.

As part of our 2020 goals, we established signature STEM education programs that include the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) and STEM experiences for nearly 20,000 women and girls in the United States and India. Through our NC3 program, we provide career training and technical education specific to the HVAC industry investing in the next generation of the workforce. In 2018, the Ingersoll Rand Foundation donated $70,000 to our NC3 program. Additionally, through partnerships with numerous science museums, like the Discovery Place, Project Scientist and the Agastya International Foundation, we exceeded our 2020 target of sponsoring 20,000 women in STEM- related activities, sparking interest in STEM and brining new perspectives to our field and company.

Building Sustainable Cities and Communities

For Ingersoll Rand, our commitment to building better environments extends all the way from the products we create to how we improve the communities where our employees and customers live and work. By 2020, we will dedicate 40,000 employee volunteer hours toward housing and shelter. We are achieving this though our annual campaign and signature program with United Way.

In 2018, a total of 1,800 employees in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee volunteered 4,000 hours in a single week to build a homeless center, prepare and serve meals and organize snack packs for children. This sustained focus on building community relations, preserves our attractiveness as an employer, strengthens our culture and builds trust and credibility in the communities where we operate. It is through initiatives like these that our employee engagement score remains at top-tier levels in our industry.  

Working Towards Zero Hunger

With nearly $200 billion of food thrown away in the United States each year, research suggests that hunger in America may be less of a supply problem and more of a logistics challenge. To address this growing epidemic, Thermo King, together with the Ingersoll Rand Foundation, expanded its social initiative and signature program We Move Food. Through grants, special pricing on refrigerated products and services and in-kind gifts, We Move Food had made it easier and more affordable for food banks throughout the nation to safely recover, redirect and distribute fresh food to families who need it most.

As part of We Move Food’s commitment to volunteerism and community engagement, Ingersoll Rand employees, along with employees from the Thermo King dealer network, have been volunteering at mobile food pantries and food drives, reclaiming healthy food from retailers and restaurants, and working with the community food banks to make their operations run more efficiently and effectively. We Move food is one way that we are providing food and nutrition education to 200,000 children by 2020.

Addressing Social Issues that Impact our Company and Communities

Ingersoll Rand takes an active role in addressing social issues that impact our company and communities. With heart disease as the leading cause of death in America, Ingersoll Rand has been supporting the American Heart Association for more than eight years. Through this signature program, we raise heart health awareness, educate employees and fund heart-healthy programming in the cities where our employees work and live.    


38% of employees globally participated in community or sustainability initiatives in 2018.

Employees volunteered more than 30,492 hours of their time; equivalent to $752,847.

The Ingersoll Rand Foundation donated more than $4,262,499 in philanthropic gifts to community partners.