Training and Development

A high-engagement culture requires a commitment to personal development. We help people with varied skills and experiences work collaboratively, make a difference together and grow in their careers. The Ingersoll Rand Business Operating System provides our employees with the tools they need to master skills, collaborate, deal with conflict and solve problems as a team. We invest in our people so they can learn, grow and thrive with the company, which also drives our success. We offer learning solutions that focus on employees’ abilities to innovate, collaborate and build strategic capabilities needed to achieve.   

Training and Career Development

Our training and development efforts include people at all levels of the company – from hourly employees to executives. Specific businesses also develop, maintain and support product or technical training for employees. Certain businesses offer training and development to their dealers and distributors.

Annual Development Plans

At Ingersoll Rand, we believe that the best learning and development happens on the job. Every salaried employee has an annual development plan, which includes discussions with their manager about key work projects or experiences, coaching, mentoring and formal learning opportunities. This development process enables our employees to perform at their best in their current role and prepare for future roles.

In 2018, 98% of our salaried employees participated in a development conversation with their manager.

Ingersoll Rand University

Enterprise-wide training and development programs are managed centrally through Ingersoll Rand University (IRU), which we established in 2003 to provide education and drive a cohesive company culture. Over the years, IRU has expanded its scope from executive and leadership development to include the development of sales managers, sales professionals, product and pricing managers and hourly production workers.

IRU offers online professional development courses in multiple languages for global employees at all levels. For example, employees can self-enroll and participate in project management learning paths which qualify them to be able to take the test for their Project Management Institute certification.

IRU is staffed with learning and development experts and is leveraged as a center of expertise for all business training teams. Programs developed and deployed through the program have been externally recognized as best-in-class by multiple organizations including the Association for Talent Development (ATD). 

Examples of the enterprise programs offered globally through our IRU include:

Team Leader Development Program An 8-week experiential development program that engages, teaches and empowers front line leaders to make good business decisions through a blend of increased tactical knowledge, coaching and development of leadership and problem-solving skills. Currently there are approximately 40 certified facilitators who have taught nearly 900 participants in 36 locations globally. Among the graduates, we have a 99.5% retention rate and we are already experiencing business benefits as these hourly team leaders are demonstrating leadership and problem-solving on the plant floor, which is having a positive impact on quality, productivity and employee engagement.

Leading the IR Way (LIRW) Develops new leaders with the mindset and skills to create and cultivate a winning culture that delivers business results. With research-based best practices as the foundation, and the goal of accelerating successful leadership transition from individual contributors to leader roles, our new managers can contribute faster to the success of their teams and the organization and avoid the mistakes that often undermine the success of new leaders. LIRW provides a forum for leaders to understand work done across the organization and the common challenges faced by leaders in all businesses and functions. We typically deliver between 10-14 cohorts per year globally.

Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) Unique cohort program for high potential women provides an opportunity to network with other women leaders, gain individual insights through a mentoring partnership and build their leadership skills and confidence through a variety of speakers, experiences and assessments. Women in this program gain exposure to senior leaders, contribute to business growth and learn how to navigate the corporate culture through Ingersoll Rand-specific action learning projects. Since 2012, 140 women have graduated from the program, 27% of whom have been promoted, and many have assumed expanded roles. In more than seven years, turnover of participants has been less than 5% of this critical talent pool.

Sales Management Excellence (IRSMX) Develops sales management capability in sales managers and their sales leaders. IRSMX is anchored by a 3.5-day workshop and includes self-study, coaching, and immediate application through a 90-day coaching cycle with an expert coach. With approximately 10-15 cohorts per year, we have developed over 62% of the sales managers and sales leaders in our organization.

Additional Training and Development Programs

A pillar of our investment in our employees are innovative training and development programs. Some of these programs include:

Career Development Program Designed to help all employees – hourly, technician and salaried – grow and develop their career and capabilities at Ingersoll Rand. Career Progress includes resources such as My Career Navigator, which helps employees assess and plan their short- and long-term career development.

My Encore Launch Designed to leverage the expertise and experience of retirement-eligible and retired employees by providing options to assimilate into retirement and continue to engage with Ingersoll Rand post retirement. My Encore provides two options: Phased Retirement which serves as a transitional approach to formal retirement by working part time for a specific period, and Post Retirement which enables a retiree to return for project-based work in a contingent work arrangement or via direct hire. This program allows employees to have an adjustment period where knowledge can be transferred and shared, thereby limiting the potential customer impact. Retiree resources are ideal for leveraging their experience to aid in the development and mentoring of others as well as providing unique problem-solving skills and technical training. 

We have had 25 participants since inception in December 2017, supporting ‘gig’ and project-based work in the fields of accounting, human resources, engineering, training, quality, procurement and project management.

ReLaunch program The ReLaunch Program is a progressive new program we are piloting in Engineering & Technology. It is a 12-week, paid professional “returnship” opportunity for engineers who have stepped away from their careers and are ready to put their passion back to work.

In this program, individuals are provided professional development, mentoring, training and networking to re-enter the workforce. ReLaunch professionals work with senior engineers on challenging projects, tied to Ingersoll Rand’s current and new products. Responsibilities may include work in these areas: component design; idea generation; project management; lifecycle engineering activities; quality improvements; engineering process development and improvement; and test objective setting and methodology. Participants gain exposure to design intent and performance, and in-depth knowledge of our equipment and product development process. Upon successful completion of the program, individuals are considered for full-time employment. 

Field Worker of the Future We are embracing technology that makes work easier and accelerates learning for our field technicians. Ingersoll Rand service technicians will have access to real-time data and live environment conditions so they can more quickly and effectively assess opportunities and threats, which allows them to diagnose and resolve problems faster. With new technology (similar to Google Glass) we can enable senior technicians to remotely coach junior employees who are on location at customer sites and in real-time. Senior technicians will be able to “see” the equipment and resolve problems with the on-site tech, offering coaching and knowledge transfer, radically accelerating technician learning, and satisfying customers more quickly.

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Management Approach 

2020 Targets

Create career development programs for 95% of employees and achieve Growth and Development Index score of 75% for strategic capability development.


Our enterprise training and development strategy is governed by a strategy board for Ingersoll Rand University. Our Chief Learning Officer chairs this board and provides oversight, leadership and day-to-day governance of our enterprise-wide programs. Our Chairman and CEO, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Executive Vice President also sit on our strategy board, along with representation from our Business Unit presidents and Enterprise Function SVPs.


Ingersoll Rand conducts a yearly review process to align the business requirements with the training and development needs of our employees. This review process includes input from executive stakeholders and learning managers to close any identified developmental gaps throughout the organization.